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About Us

Complete pavement is a leading company dealing with repairs and maintenance of pavement surfaces. We offer a wide range of quality service through our highly experienced and qualified staff and also high quality equipment and materials.

We allow clients to have a say on the work they require to be done therefore we work to deliver results that are not only professional but also fit our customers' needs.

We offer line striping  services at affordable prices. Clear markings not only attract customers at parking lots, but also ensure safety in the area. Good markings will attract people to park in the area as it makes the parking area more visible. Markings also designate individual parking spaces thus avoiding confusions and delays caused by traffic.

Pressure on pavements causes them to crack. Despite the asphalts waterproof properties, it is due to wear out due to its chemical composition.  At complete pavement we offer crack filling services. Filling the cracks prevents entry water and other substances into the crack. We offer this as a short term measure for smaller cracks.

In case of more complex wear and tear, we do seal coating. Chemical reactions causes asphalt to lose its waterproof properties thus repair and maintenance is needed to prevent further damage which would cost lots of money to fix. This is a more complex process that is why we have the highly qualified staff to do your work. We use highly high quality materials/sealer to ensure that the crack is sealed well, giving your pavement a new look.

Complete pavement aims at satisfying customer needs through employing qualified staff and applying the most advanced technology to serve our clients. We offer reasonable prices for all our services and make certain of customer satisfaction by ensuring that all our services fit the customer's needs.

Other Services:

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