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Crack Sealing

Damaging caused by moisture is the most damaging on pavements. Pressure on the pavements and chemical reactions causes cracks on the pavement. If not addressed on time these cracks allow passage of water to the base of the pavement causing further damage on the pavement. Cracks therefore need to be filled immediately.

Asphalt the material used in pavements has been chosen over the years due to its waterproof property. This is because it's made from a byproduct of petroleum. However asphalt also contains a series of chemicals, which as time passes by react with other chemicals in the environment, causing cracks and other forms of wear and tear.

If you are looking for a crack repair solution, then look no further. At complete pavement we offer crack filling services as a remedy for cracks. Our team of highly qualified and experienced staff, coupled with our highly effective machines and equipment will ensure that you have the best services. This is a short term remedy to prevent further damage on your parking area.

If cracks are not filled immediately then, it will cause further damage that will require seal coating.This process is a long term measure. At complete pavement we use high qualitysealerto carry out this process and ensure that your parking area has a longer life. It will also make it look more attractive and smooth making it easier to maintain.

Cracks are also likely to interfere with markings on your parking lot. Markings are important as they allow people to know where to park thus easing congestion. At complete pavement we not only provide solutions for cracks, we also offer line striping  services to ensure your parking looks attractive to your clients.

We offer reasonable prices for our services and we work to ensure our end results meet your requirements. Good results are guaranteed.

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