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Line Striping

Bold lines at a parking area not only act as an attraction but also ensure security. If a parking area is well marked then it will attract more clients. People will know where to park their vehicles thus avoiding confusion. It also eases congestion/ traffic thus making it more convenient for car owners.

At complete pavement we offer line striping services at affordable prices. This will give your parking area a nicer look, which is important because it influences the first impression. So it is important to have your parking area stripped immediately as you will not have a second time to make a first impression.

Our team of highly skilled staff will provide you with the best service giving your parking a nice look. We mark the parking area in such a way that each parking slot is clearly designated and also ensure that it will be in line with the location and nature of your surroundings.

If wear and tear occurs then restriping needs to be done. Asphalt pavements disintegrate with time due to chemical reactions. This affects the boldness of markings. It may also interfere with the continuity of the lines. Thus your parking lot may require restriping from time to time.  In such instances such as when cracks appear we also offer other remedies including crack filling and seal coating  using quality sealer. This serves to ensure that your pavement has a longer life span.

It may take up to two for your pavement to be restriped if you have it stripped in the first place with asphalt. The cost will also be lower if you have it done in advance. It is wise to have a good looking parking lot as not only those entering your premises but also those passing by will appreciate it.

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