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Pot Holes

Asphalt pavements are made from a mixture of rock, sand, a byproduct of oil refining and some chemicals. This gives it a unique water resistant property. However elements from the environment cause chemical reactions which lead to wear and tear. Reactions occur because asphalt itself is made of a series of chemicals.  The reactions cause changes in color and also holes and cracks on the pavement. Repairs should be undertaken immediately as the cost will be lower compared to the cost involved in rebuilding the entire pavement when excessive damage has been done.

Cracking allows water and other substances to enter the base of the pavement, which may cause further damage if remedy is not taken immediately. Complete pavement offers crack filling services as a remedy to this. Our staff uses highly quality rubber material to fill this crack. This serves to prolong the life of the pavement. If left unattended cracks will allow passage of water into the base.

Seal coating serves as a more long term measure for wear and tear cause by chemical reactions. It prevents liquid asphalt from evaporating which is a major cause in pavement cracks. It also protects the pavement from damage caused by water, sunlight and oil spillage. It is meant to give asphalt its original waterproof and flexibility properties. A high quality sealer  is used that ensures durability of the pavement. This service improves the appearance of the pavement and increases its durability. If sealing is not done then further damage may require the owner to put up an new pavement which would be very expensive.

Re- striping of the parking area is also important as the lines fade with time. This is important as bold lines make the parking area appear more attractive. Bold lines will create a good first impression. We offer line striping  services at affordable prices and we work to meet our customer needs.

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