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Seal Coating

Complete pavement provides the quality parking seal coating services that will give your pavement a new look and protect it from destructive elements of the environment such as water and other chemicals.

Though the component used to make pavements, asphalt has been designed to be water proof it wears out in due time due to chemical reactions occurring as a result of environmental factors. Some molecules used to make asphalt are unsaturated thus leaving open ends where chemicals present in the environment attack causing disintegration.

Reaction of chemicals, both those used to make asphalt and those in the environment causes the pavement to wear out. We repair small cracks by crack filling. If not filled the cracks allow passage of water into the base causing further damage.

At complete pavement we make use of high quality sealer  to give your parking area a fresh new look. This prevents entry of water and other substances that cause further damage to the pavement. Moisture is among the major causes of cracks and other forms of damage on the pavement.

When asphalt is worn out, the color of the floor will lose its original color and appear less attractive. Marks made on the parking lot will be less visible. In addition to sealing,line striping will also be required to make your parking lot more attractive.  Clear markings ensure safety and convenience in the parking lot. It is important for parking spaces to be clearly designated. At complete pavement we also offer stripping services.

Seal coating  does not only improve the appearance of your pavement but it also increases the durability of asphalt. The cost of tearing down the whole pavement and repairing it would be very high thus it saves on unnecessary cost. Other costs such as cleaning costs will also go low.

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