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Why maintain your parking

If it is not properly maintained, a parking lot is easily destroyed by stress caused by environmental factors and pressure from being stepped on. This causes it to develop cracks and potholes.

Paving material, asphalt is due to get damaged with time because of its chemical composition. Chemicals present in asphalt causes chemical reactions which causes the pavement to disintegrate. This causes damage to the pavement such as cracks and the color may also change. Consequently water and other substances enter the base thus causing further damage. Therefore repairs and maintenance of asphalt pavements is necessary every now and then.

The cost of maintaining a parking lot is relatively lower compared to the cost of maintaining it when it's completely worn out. At complete pavement we offer pavement high quality maintenance services very reasonable prices.

Complete pavement provides the following repairs and maintenance services.

Line striping

This involves making markings on the parking area. Good markings will not only serve to attract customers but as ensures safety in the parking area. People will know where to park their car and in which direction to move thus avoiding accidents and also avoids traffic/ congestion.

Crack filling

We repair cracks on parking areas. If left unrepaired, small cracks on the pavement will allow water and other substances in thus causing greater damage which will cost you more money to repair.

Seal coating

This will keep your pavement looking new and attractive and it increases the life of your pavement. Our team offers the best seal coating services by use the most current technology. We use the bestsealersure that oxidation does not occur and also prevents erosion of the top layer. With this service you will be sure to get a clean, smooth and good looking pavement. You will be surprised that even your cleaning costs will be lower after this process.


Other Services:

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